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Precast Terrazzo Enterprises Inc., in Raleigh, NC, is the premier precast supplier in the Southeast United States. Our unique work relationship with architects and designers world wide, coupled with attention to detail with their special requirements, results in beautiful and quality products.

Since 1996, Precast Terrazzo Enterprises Inc., has built a magnificent portfolio of completed projects, from California to Kuwait, carving out a reputation as one of the most respected and reliable precast suppliers in the industry.

Precast Terrazzo Enterprises Inc. and a subsidiary, EnviroSLAB, is 100% customizable and can be installed in the home or office, uses include but not limited to treads and risers, straight/cove base, pavers, counter tops, architectural signs, ornamental elements, trash receptors, benches, etc.

Terrazzo, from the Italian word for terraces, was created several hundred years ago in Europe when Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble remnants. Since that time it has become a logical, practical solution for contemporary design and construction.

Fifteenth-century Venetian mosaic workers began to use odd-size marble chips (remaining from shaping the stone tesserae) to surface the terraces around their living quarters. The uneven surfaces created, when the chips were set in clay to anchor them, convinced the workers that flattening the surface would produce a smoother surface more comfortable for walking. They began to rub the surface with handstone, achieving a flat surface.

Gifted craftsmen brought the Terrazzo concept to America with them from Europe in the late 18th century, where Terrazzo was used extensively in monumental structures. (Our first President, George Washington, designed his Mt. Vernon home and selected Terrazzo for many of the rooms.)

Soon American Terrazzo was created from the wealth of marble in the United States and American ingenuity advanced installation techniques. In the last 40 years, new developments were achieved with the discovery of epoxies, polyesters, latex and acrylics.

Today, the floor meant for Kings and Queens is available to everyone. Terrazzo is considered by today’s architects and designers to be a contemporary flooring and wall material for interior and exterior use. Terrazzo has proven itself through history as the sensible choice for floor surfaces that require resistance to heavy abuse, while still retaining the beauty and low maintenance costs.

Precast Terrazzo Enterprises

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